Andrea Hurt

I am Andrea Hurt, an Orlando-based blogger, wife, mother of two, designer/decorator, photo stylist, aspiring gourmet cook, and art lover.  My husband paints—so I love his art especially. 

I am known for real-world style, helping clients and friends through countless design dilemmas, and remodeling five homes of my own.  I am a partner in a boutique-sized design studio named Ansana Interior Design in Orlando, Florida.  We design both commercial and residential projects.   Blessings to Nancy, Saidia, and Melanie who are my de-facto family and design cheerleading squad.

I found my design voice after college while working for a housing architect.  I penned a monthly article on design,  styled houses for publishers, and learned that great floor plans have lots of closets, walls of windows, and quirks that work.  Then, I got really lucky and went to work for Marc Thee and Michael Abbott, partners of the famed Marc-Michaels Interior Design in Winter Park.  Eighteen years with them taught me countless lessons about design, friendship, exquisite taste, and hard work. 


A n s a n a  I n t e r i o r  D e s i g n  -  809 South Orlando Avenue,  Suite B, Winter Park, FL 32789

O F F I C E  N U M B E R:  4 0 7 . 4 4 0 . 1 5 3 0